Software Development and Modernization

Intellisoft's software development tools are designed to make it easy for developers to build information management applications that use Web technologies. Our Software developers can design the user interface, add the components to the on-premis to headless architecture. Intellisoft can help to modernize your applications in integrating and providing a number of tools for development, depending on the type of modernization that you are undertaking on existing application portfolio.

Our Software applications use an architecture that breaks applications into discrete parts, using multiple programming languages and deploying the applications on several layers of technology such as HTML, ReactJS, AngularJS, ViewJS, JavaScript in the browser, Java, Python, Springboot,C# on the Web and Application server and NoSQL, SQL for the database. 

Intellisoft's development tools insulate developers from the complexities of Application application development. We use Microservices based architecture to reduce the complexity from Web development and automating application development tasks into various micro services: