IntelliCommerce - AI based multi-warehouse eCommerce

IntelliCommerce is a ML based customized Magento multi-warehouse store, provides businesses with AI assisted e-commerce that increases ROI exponentially and ranks them at the top on the popular search engines. IntelliCommerce store provides a convenient and fast shopping experience with an ease navigation for customers who seek specific products. The software uses latest technologies such as machine learning, data analytics and AI.

IntelliCommerce online store design tool enables easy payment gateways and connects all the social media portals that helps customers have best shopping experience. 

Theme Customizations - ML based

Every business requires a distinctive layout that is ideal for their establishment. IntelliCommerce provides personalized varied themes based on the specifications and ideas that fit in any device. We created a tailor made taxes, discounts and a signature screen. Using the unparalleled features of Magento 2, we built a eCommerce themes that are feature-rich. 

Search Engine - NLP based

Our search tools give the most relevant results that allow users to perform effective full-text searches using NLP. These support multilingual search, geolocation, contextual “did you mean…”suggestions, autocomplete and result snippets to find the most accurate answers.

We created an Elastic NLP based search using open source and API driven approach. Our attention to detail helps in extracting meaningful business information in a real-time basis by interactive searching, discovering and analyzing data.

Inventory Management

With our multi-warehouse extension, any one can effortlessly split the inventory among multiple warehouses and manage product stock as per warehouse. Following are some of the features of the tool:

Point of Sale

IntelliCommerce provide flexible POS platform that streamlines day to day activities such as stock control and inventory management. This is accomplished via seamless checkouts and sales reporting.

IntelliCommerce Identifies repeat customers and their spending pattern shelves the stocked items through Machine Learning.

The store accepts multiple modes of payment that include cash, cheques, coupons (Sodexo, etc.), meal vouchers, cards and credit which helps to boost sales. It can send emails, SMS receipts and get feedbacks from customers at or after checkout. It auto enables loyalty customers and can send personalized offers to their email addresses in order to increase sales.

IntelliCommerce can help in analyzing sales history to increase ROI.


IntelliCommerce provide supplier’s extension feature that enables to add third party suppliers. This can be facilitated by the site’s admin so that there is a flexibility of allowing other suppliers to showcase and sell their products through a well-established web store. 

When an order is placed, the relevant supplier is sent the request for shipping and invoice. He/she will send the products directly to the customer’s address. The site admin charges the commission to the supplier on every sale by adding the predetermined percentage (price margin) through configuration. It helps managing users, tracking payments and viewing total sales.

Recommend Items

Recommendation engines built on ML based approach uses properties of the items likes/dislikes or their purchase history. The engine uses data to compute a similarity index amongst users and recommend items to them accordingly.

Products Based on GEO Location

This feature helps stores at multiple locations which sell varied products using Magento extension settings.

Businesses can set up the relevant latitude and longitude as a center point, along with the radius in meters.

In the storefront, the system will check the specific users’ Geolocation to determine if they fall within the radius and then the ‘add to cart’ button will be shown. If a specific user does not fall within the stipulated radius, a contrived message appears instead of ‘add to cart’. This can be managed as a backend process in the admin panel on the extension settings.

Delivery App with Real-time Tracking

Our agent App allows you to track activities, current location details, manage status and collect customer feedback on the go. It is built with high veracity GPS location tracking that uses minimal battery power and runs for a whole day without any interruptions.

A centralized management system for your business is handy when it comes to managing incoming orders, view delivery agents’ current locations, assign pickups, view incoming orders, optimize routes, manage customer needs and review feedbacks. This indicates easy business management.

The customers are notified through SMS/text as soon as their respective orders are assigned. This helps them track the status by viewing on the link mentioned. After it is delivered, the agent collects proof of delivery such as a signature, photo and location.

Our location accuracy is integrated with multi pickups and multi delivery locations. Reporting tools find the exact miles travelled by agents per trip is a specified time period. You can use the ‘Turn On’ or ‘Turn Off’ feature on the tracking control from Web admin. In the mobile version, the options are ‘Offline’ and ‘Online’.

Whether it is food, groceries, gifts, couriers, packages or any other items, our delivery management system supports any businesses by designing a customized workflow.

Digital Marketing

We offer professional digital marketing solutions for any products and services. These are meant to create and sustain a promising online reputation of the respective companies by using effective strategies. Any small, medium, large and B2B organizations can make the most of them.


Our services include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions to drive organic traffic and ensure top rankings for the client’s website across various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

Managing all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy increase the rankings of a site on all major search engines.

Social MediaMarketing

This enhances the company’s social media presence and interaction with the target audiences for promoting the brand and subsequently, increasing the revenue.

A myriad of social media marketing tools is available to choose so as to help you meet all business goals

Email marketing

Our email marketing campaigns promote products and services by determining target audience and generating leads based on the findings.

Mobile Applications

We can help in entire mobile app development cycle from concept to development.  Our knowledge of the nuances involved in creating a perfect mobile app can turn a raw app into a successful one. These tools will add value to your business with a user-friendly experience.

Multi-platform mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS devices are our forte. Using Ionic and Cordova, we design apps that run smoothly.

Mobile Number Login

There are three different solutions to choose from and based on your requirements, you can opt for the ideal one. These are as follows:

One Page Checkout

While using the Magento One Page Checkout, customers can access all the information in a single instance which enables them to complete or edit the process without any delays.

When there is a need to change the details such as address, delivery date, etc., the Shipping, Payment Method and Order Review will be auto-updated as configured in the backend. This is beneficial when customers are considering two shipping addresses. For example, they will be able to see on the checkout page that for one address, the shipping fee is lesser, and the payment method can be cash on delivery; and for the other, money transfer and advance payment options are also enabled.

With an integrated Google API, customers can detect the matching addresses suggested as they type the relevant details and can choose the apt one. The system will auto complete the fields within no time. The best part of using this technology as compared to Google IP is that your site loads much faster and you do not have to update the IP database frequently.

Order Notification

Notification software enables businesses to notify their customers through text messages and emails in real time. There is no need to go through complex SMS gateways. This helps businesses to target customers of all ages and groups.

Our user-friendly interface lets us update your customers about order confirmation, cancellation, delivery, refund, failed delivery, launch of new products and announcements of flash sales, etc. These can either be sent in a batch or individually. You will be able to manage it without any hassles. It is a time saving solution that optimizes your server utilization, too. This works well for new as well as established businesses as a tool for business growth.

Reward Points

The reward points extension facilitates a reward system for varied customer behaviors such as repurchasing, subscribing, rating and reviewing. Shoppers are engaged and encouraged to commit to your online store. The system makes it obvious that they are getting the best deals and hence, they purchase as soon as they see something interesting.

Reward points can be awarded at the time of signing up so as to motivate visitors to become patrons. They are perceived as ideal welcome gifts that drive them to place orders on your store. This in turn increases the traffic.

Having the users to share your app or site is more practical than spamming their emails or feeds. Hence, by requiting points for sharing, you are able to persuade them to market your products on social channels. This is a cost-effective way to endorse a brand.

Reward points can be indicated at several strategic locations on your site to remind customers of the benefits that they have. This results in the customers developing loyalty and also improves the whole shopping experience

Payment Gateways

We provide payment gateways to authorize payments for retailers in any business categories. The systems ensure that sensitive information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc. is passed securely from the customer to the merchant and subsequently, to the payment processor through the use of encryption.

Effective payment gateways expand customer base and enable shoppers from around the world to use your store over others. They can select products with the click of a mouse, and complete the purchase at the checkout page with just a few clicks.