ITIL implementation and Security Services

If anything shouldn’t be taken for granted… it’s Information Security Management

Information Security Management is one of our cornerstones of IT Service Management and a critical part of the warranty of a service. The goal of the Information Security Management process is to provide guidance or direction for security activities and to ensure that security goals are achieved. 

Intellisoft can help in the following areas of Security:

Intellisoft can help you meet security objectives with:

Information Security Management process and services

The Information Security Management process is the central point for all security issues inside the organization. Its task is to produce the information security policy. Such policy should cover all issues regarding use of IT services and respective systems. If you don’t have any information security process in place, we are here to help you in setting up policies for ITIL or ISO 20000/27001 or any other security service. 

Information security services

Information security is not a stand-alone process. To the contrary, it interfaces with many other ITSM processes (which is logical, since information security is one of the four parameters that describe service warranty). At Intellisoft we can help you with the following information security services:

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