RescueMe uses Geo, Big data and BI Analytics, and provides the Safety Track Management, Security Management and Identification of Theft for individuals, large corporations, and executives. The data collected with this app is highly customizable with privacy rules and it is kept in a secured private cloud platform.

Monitor your beloved one path

Helps to track your beloved one such as - 

To know when your son reached High school, know if he took a bus or ride with his friend.

Alerts a message when your daughter is commuting out of her regular path. 

Alerts when your baby sitter is late to pick your toddler. Helps to identify if your neighbour can shoulder him until then.

Alerts if your spouse got stuck in unavoidable traffic. Suggets if you need to leave early from my work!

Track all your Employees 

Helps to track your employees such as:

Where were all my employees?

Is Joe in 1:00 clock conference call?

Did Martha visited your most valued customers?

Is Chris on Vacation ?

Is Steve attending training in downtown?

Track your activities and seek for help

Track High Risk Zone Workers

Helps to track safety of high risk zone workers using Geo, History, and BI such as:

Which of our employees are exposed to high risk zones today?

Is Robert safely moving around in fire squad?

Do we need to send emergency team to rescue our workers?

Monitor and Track a Group

Using the state of art Business Intelligence  RescueMe can monitor and track a  group such as:

Where does Joe and his friends eat lunch on Fridays?

Where does my son’s best friends hang around?

Will my testing team complete application testing by next Monday’s deadline?