Founded in Jan, 1995, Intellisoft Technologies is a diversified information technology services company offering a variety of solutions to its Fortune 500 clients through national and international network collaborations.

U.S. Chief Information Officer, Vivek Kundra, stated on December 9, 2010 in the IT reform plan, “The shift to “light technologies,” that is, cloud services, which can be deployed rapidly, and shared solutions will result in substantial cost savings, allowing agencies to optimize spending, and allowing agencies to reinvest in their most critical mission needs. Agencies must focus on consolidating existing data centers, reducing the need for infrastructure growth by implementing a “Cloud First” policy for services, and increasing their use of available cloud and shared services.”

The cost and speed advantages of cloud computing are clear and compelling. But how do you actually move to cloud computing?

Intellisoft helps firms to:

·         Build a state-of-the-art cloud architecture

·         Leverage existing IT investments

·         Optimize IT management processes

Intellisoft Technologies achieved first milestone by helping clients in providing advanced technology solutions using Object Oriented techniques in the areas of Business Integration, Network Management systems, Telecommunication Billing and Customer Care, and Year 2000 conversions. Our customer base has quadrupled each year as we gained the confidence with our clients. Intellisoft Technologies achieved second milestone by successfully providing solutions in the areas of outsourcing, client/server migration from legacy systems, and enterprise management deployment. 

As we have succeeded in these areas, our interest and specialization grew into cloud computing, middleware architecture, enterprise application integration, application server management, and hosting these services. We have partnered with  Amazon, Google, IBM, VMWare, Netegrity, Tibco, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft to provide best services using Java, ReactJS, NodeJS, SpringBoot, .NET, and cloud computing technologies.

Intellisoft Technologies growth in recent years is the result of understanding corporate visions and the structural and systems changes required to realize them. Intellisoft Technologies can not only implement those visions, but also assist in their development with clients who start only with a goal or business challenge.

For more information, contact any one of our Marketing representatives from Marketing & Strategic Services, Intellisoft Technologies, at sales@intellisoft-tech.com