DHS - USCIS Transformation Program

Post date: Feb 22, 2017 11:45:34 AM

Duration of the Project: 2009 -2016

Intellisoft Technologies working with IBM helped USCIS enterprise-wide Transformation Program (IOE) to transition the agency from a fragmented, paper-based, operational environment to a centralized and consolidated environment, utilizing state of the art case management tools and a paperless adjudication process. This Program was a large-scale, complex undertaking that helped to form a foundation to USCIS-wide business processes and Information Technology (IT) re-engineering. It also helped to form new online operational customer accounts to facilitate transactions, track activities, and reduce identity fraud. The revised processes helped the agency to meet customer expectations for on-demand information and immediate real-time electronic service over the internet.

This Transformation Program (TPO) provided a centralized management structure to oversee all transformation activities within USCIS, including the coordination of several initiatives converting the current mix of legacy infrastructure and paper-based business processes to electronic-based business processes.

The objectives and long term benefits of this Transformation includes:

Intellisoft work included supporting development in the areas of Document Management, Digitizing Paper document, Business Analytics reports, User Interface development and Service Integration through SOA based WebServices.