IRS Nonfiler Identification Process modernization

Post date: Feb 22, 2012 10:42:18 AM

Internal Revenue Service - Nonfiler Identification Process

Intellisoft Technologies designed and developed an application for Business Master File Case Creation Nonfiler Identification Process and provided infrastructure support. CCNIP establishes a database using existing business intelligence in the form of Information Returns and Payer Master File data to identify, prioritize, and select nonfiler inventory. "BMF CCNIP" was designed to improve the selection process of BMF RD modules, and the overall BMF Return Delinquency process. BMF CCNIP is designed to identify more productive BMF and EPMF non-filer inventory. BMF CCNIP uses third party data, i.e. IRMF, PMF and CAWR, along with account data to prioritize and assign Collection selection codes (SC). Headquarter analysts has a capability to select inventory based on SC, MFT and inventory needs by Campus assignment. This enhancement promotes increase taxpayer responses. More information about this work is located at:,,id=175804,00.html

Work Performed by Intellisoft include development of CCNIP Business Rules,  Websphere Application Server Infrastructure development and Support, and Administration, Single Sign on support with Siteminder, Application Development using J2EE/SOA architecture, performance Analysis with ITCAM, Negative Tin Check and support with Webmethods Broker, Ad-hoc reporting with Business Objects