Cloud Serverless Computing - ∞ Scaling

Intellisoft helps in enabling enterprises to successfully adopt cloud computing using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure cloud Services, and Google Cloud Services. We implement end to end cloud services to delivers a mature set of services specifically designed for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of a organization. 

AWS Cloud Services 

Intellisoft AWS Cloud Services provide the following:

Azure Cloud Services

Intellisoft Azure Cloud Services provide the following:

∞ Scaling, IaaS, Automation

Kubernetes infrastructure services - AKS, GKS, EKS, IKS automation

AWS - EC2, S3, VPC, CloudFront CDN, RDS, IAM, SQS, Lambda

Azure - Spot, Function

GCP - GCE, BigQuery, Spanner

Cloud Professional Service

Intellisoft Cloud Professional Service provide the following: