Cloud Data Services

Migrating your business to the cloud is much easier than moving all of your data and applications back into an in-house data center. Moving your data and applications to the cloud without the proper hardware and cloud environment could prove detrimental and costly to your organization. Intellisoft ensures that your organization deploys the correct workloads and is fit to move to the cloud.

Intellisoft offers comprehensive Cloud data services including Readiness, Cloud Architecture, and Migration for organizations looking to move to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. We can assess your organization’s potential for the cloud, and streamlining the move to the cloud and maximizing uptime, and ROI.

Intellisoft Cloud Readiness Data Services help the following:

Existing Infrastructure – Before moving to the cloud, we’ll take your existing hardware and applications and evaluate their efficiency. A cloud readiness assessment will help you determine if your current environment can operate in a cloud environment.

Cloud Architecture – Our engineers will help you determine the best options for your organization - a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment.

Intellisoft Data Migration services include: