Case Studies - Federal Projects

The Department Treasury

Internal Revenue Service - Intellisoft supported entire lifecycle of the modernized infrastructure that transitioned to EOPS.  This includes the integration, configuration, and customization of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (Includes JBOSS, WebSphere, SiteMinder, Business Objects, Informatica, and MQ Series), as well as custom developed infrastructure applications and interfaces (Application Messaging and Data Access Service (AMDAS), Enterprise Directory and Authentication Services (EDAS), Content Delivery Services (CDS), Single Sign On (SSO), and Enterprise Application Integration Broker (EAIB).  Intellisoft supported COTS and custom infrastructure applications for both the Registered User Portal (RUP) and the Employee User Portal (EUP) and associated security and Middleware subsystems.

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security - Intellisoft supported the USCIS enterprise-wide Transformation Program (IOE) transition from a fragmented, paper-based, operational environment to a centralized and consolidated environment, utilizing state of the art case management tools and a paperless adjudication process. The Program is a large-scale, complex undertaking which formed the foundation for USCIS-wide business processes and Information Technology (IT) enabled re-engineering. This new operational environment employed online customer accounts used in the private sector to facilitate transactions, track activities, and reduce identity fraud. Intellisoft helped USCIS agency to meet customer expectations for on-demand information and immediate real-time electronic service over the internet. The Transformation helped the agency with 

1. National Security and Integrity of USCIS immigration system  to safeguard the country by effectively collecting, analyzing and sharing information used to verify identity, eligibility, and status of individuals seeking to become citizens of the U.S. or study, live or work in the country;

2. World-class customer service by adjudicating requests for benefits accurately and within acceptable timeframes, by providing timely and accurate information about immigration benefits and the status of customer requests, and by promoting civic values 

3. Operational Efficiency that is innovative, flexible, and accountable to ensure cost-effective and consistent results. 

Department Health and Human Services

Intellisoft supported Affordable Care Act  goals through IT transformation in  improving all aspects of patient care, including Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-Centeredness, Timeliness, Efficiency, and Equity (the domains of quality in patient care as defined by the Institute of Medicine); transformation of healthier lifestyles in the entire population, including increased physical activity, better nutrition, avoidance of behavioral risks, and wider use of preventative care. Lower costs through improvement by promoting preventative medicine, improved coordination of health care services, and by reducing waste and inefficiencies. These efforts reduced the national cost of health care and lower out-of-pocket expenses for all Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP beneficiaries. Intellisoft is provided OpenSSO implementation for Web access management, federated single sign-on and Web services security in a single, self-contained application. Intellisoft is optimized OpenSSO for both, internal Web access management and extranet authentication providing secure and centralized access control within the enterprise systems..

The Census Bureau

The Census Bureau, which supports the economic and political foundations of the United States, provides a critical service to the nation.

The Data Access and Dissemination System (DADS) Program is the primary provider of dissemination services via the Internet for the Census Bureau and a significant provider of tabulation services. The DADS Program is responsible for the dissemination of official demographic and economic information for the Census Bureau via the Internet. In fulfilling its mission, the DADS Program provides both tabulation and dissemination services to the Census Bureau. 

Intellisoft supported DADS data search customization using Oracle Endeca and Elastic search technologies.

The services include searching interim results or output for other areas of the Census Bureau to process and release in different media and formats, such as CD-ROM and DVD, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for printed publications. 

Intellisoft supported Tabulation services the activities related to aggregating data collected on individual responses to a survey or census into summarized statistical data suitable for public release.