IRS - Middleware Operational and Maintainence Support

Post date: Mar 20, 2022 11:15:39 AM

Duration of the Project: 2009 - Current

Intellisoft Technologies supported IRS Middleware throughout the lifecycle of the modernized infrastructure that has been transitioned to the EOPS.  This includes the integration, configuration, and customization of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (e.g., WebSphere, SiteMinder, Business Objects, Informatica, and MQ Series), as well as custom developed infrastructure applications and interfaces (e.g., Application Messaging and Data Access Service (AMDAS), Enterprise Directory and Authentication Services (EDAS), Content Delivery Services (CDS), Single Sign On (SSO), and Enterprise Application Integration Broker (EAIB).  These COTS and custom infrastructure applications support both the Registered User Portal (RUP) and the Employee User Portal (EUP) and associated security and subsystems.  

In addition the Middleware Infrastructure support, Intellisoft supported developing enhanced products defined by future business requirements. with System availability and reliability - an utmost importance to the Government.

Enterprise Operations is a large, highly distributed organization with responsibilities that span all parts of the IRS.  EOPS provides enterprise level 24x7x365 support for business applications and other IRS systems. The environment is complex with all tiers of Information Technology (IT) represented including Unisys/IBM mainframes, and Solaris/Windows/Linux servers of all sizes. Software includes Oracle and DB2 database management systems, COTS (e.g., including MQ Series, Business Objects, Infomatica, WebSphere, EAIB/webMethods); and custom code.

The Middleware Section supports a variety of COTS and custom infrastructure application components within the enterprise.  These components are shared among business applications, e-services, Modernized Electronic Filing (MeF), Integrated Financial System (IFS), Internet Refund Fact of Filing (IRFOF), Internet Employer Identification Number (IEIN), CADE2, etc.  Middleware provides technical and O&M support from front-end portals to the back-end systems including infrastructure interfaces between systems, e.g., CDS, Security Audit and Analysis System (SAAS), and Error Store.

Intellisoft also provided support for Data Extraction and Transformation.