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Why Use Us!

Why Use Us! - Intellisoft Technologies provides most diversified information technology solutions for Federal and Commercial Entities. Our software specialization includes providing consulting, architecture, hosting, training, implementing, and managing IT business applications. Our expertise include Cloud Computing, Enterprise Application Integration, Application modernization, Service Oriented Architecture, Identity Management, and Geo/Data/Business Analytics. 

Intellisoft Technologies Federal entity provides products in IRS tax extraction tool; Services in software development, business process re-engineering, systems integration, operational maintenance, facility management, and information assurance including cyber security. We accelerate mission critical system roll-outs through "The Power of People and Technology!"

Intellisoft Technologies Commercial entity provides Software products in - Security Tracking, Retail Delivery, Hybrid Education, Big Data Validation/Analytics, Immigration - Background Verification, E-Commerce workflow management, and E-Crypto DeFi Loan System.

Intellisoft Technologies Commercial entity provides Services in SaaS - Digital Transformation, Automation, Machine Learning, Open AI, ChatGPT, Big Data Analytics and Cloud computing. IaaS - Cloud cost optimization, Infinite Scaling, and Serverless Computing

Intellisoft Technologies Outsourcing entity provides competitive, quality software outsourcing development, and complete Virtualization including SaaS, IaaS, BPO's, and Data Analytics

Our Mission

Our Mission - Intellisoft Technologies mission is to provide the highest quality of integrated, full life-cycle solutions to customers across a broad range of business and technical platforms. 

Intellisoft Technologies employs superior technical & project delivery standards combined with in-depth, comprehensive, full life cycle expertise and a senior, highly trained staff to effectively deploy Software technology and leading edge tools that work with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, SAP, Oracle, and VMware products to successfully deliver high-performance state-of-the-art  on Cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP; Mobile- IOS, Android, Client-Server - Linux, Windows, and other IBM Mainframe legacy platforms.

Developed over nearly 29 years, Intellisoft Technologies Total Solutions approach comprises industry standard software and tools, proven processes and methodologies, tested project management practices and a ground-breaking technical resource management and procurement program for companies requiring outside software professionals.