DHS - USCIS Transformation Program

USCIS enterprise-wide Transformation Program (IOE) will transition the agency from a fragmented, paper-based, operational environment to a centralized and consolidated environment, utilizing state of the art case management tools and a paperless adjudication process. The Program is a large-scale, complex undertaking that will form the foundation of USCIS-wide business processes and Information Technology (IT) enabled re-engineering. The new operational environment will employ the types of online customer accounts used in the private sector in order to facilitate transactions, track activities, and reduce identity fraud. The revised processes will also help the agency to meet customer expectations for on-demand information and immediate real-time electronic service over the internet.

The Transformation Program Office (TPO) is developing a flexible and efficient organization supported by an integrated technical environment for both its customers and employees. The TPO will provide a centralized management structure to oversee all transformation activities within USCIS, including the coordination of several initiatives converting the current mix of legacy infrastructure and paper-based business processes to electronic-based business processes.

The objectives and long term benefits of the Transformation are:

  • National Security and Integrity: USCIS will ensure the integrity of the immigration system and help to safeguard the country by effectively collecting, analyzing and sharing information used to verify identity, eligibility, and status of individuals seeking to become citizens of the U.S. or study, live or work in the country. A responsible and transparent approach toward the handling of such personal information will protect the rights of individuals and organizations interacting with USCIS and thereby forster their trust and cooperation with the agency.
  • Customer Service: USCIS will deliver world-class customer service by adjudicating requests for benefits accurately and within acceptable timeframes, by providing timely and accurate information about immigration benefits and the status of customer requests, and by promoting civic values
  • Operational Efficiency: USCIS will be an innovative, flexible, and accountable organization that invests in its people and infrastructure to ensure cost-effective and consistent results.

Intellisoft is providing support for development in the areas of Document Management, Digitizing Paper document, Business Analytics reports, User Interface development and Service Integration through WebServices.