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Software Development and modernization

Developing Web Applications

Intellisoft's software development tools are designed to make it easy for developers to build information management applications that use Web technologies. Our Software developers work with Web designers who design the user interface (deciding the page layout and images) while our software developers add the components that interact with the applications running on the servers.

Intellisoft can help to modernize your applications by integrating and providing a number of tools for development, depending on the type of modernization that you are undertaking on existing application portfolio.

Why build Web applications?

Web applications are available to existing and potential customers, remote staff and mobile sales people using any device that supports a browser. Web applications help companies by delegating work to customers (e.g., placing orders via a Web site) thereby reducing the administrative workload. Customers benefit as Web applications are available at their convenience.

As Web applications are available all the time and accessible from anywhere, they extend the potential customer base - the reach of Web applications alone justifies the investment.

The complexities of Web development

Our web applications use an architecture that breaks applications into discrete parts, using multiple programming languages and deploying the applications on several layers of technology. For example, HTML and JavaScript in the browser, C# on the Web server, C# or Java on the application server and SQL for the database. 

If Web development is so difficult how does Intellisoft make it easier?

Intellisoft's development tools insulate developers from the complexities of Web application development. This helps developers with little or no experience building Web applications to become proficient more quickly. The flexibility is built into our development tools also caters to experienced developers who want greater control over development artifacts.

Intellisoft removes the complexity from Web development by automating common application development tasks into:
  • User interface – Wizards and an application framework provide automated user interface design and build.
  • Business rules and logic – declarative tools for preparing and editing business rules and logic, that are stored in a metadata repository.
  • Database – built-in interfaces and connections for databases coupled with database triggers that are generated automatically from the business rules and logic in a metadata repository.

Developing Web applications with Intellisoft is easier because our tools are designed to allow people with appropriate skills to work in parallel on different sections of an application. While your firm/
Intellisoft's business analysts and users define the data and business rules, Intellisoft's web designers create the page layouts and themes for the user interface, and Intellisoft's developers build code to interact with the user interface, enforce business rules and update databases.