Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

While data analytics can be simple, today the term is most often used to describe the analysis of large volumes of data and/or high-velocity data, which presents unique computational and data-handling challenges. Skilled data analytics professionals, who generally have a strong expertise in statistics, are called data scientists. 
 The era of big data drastically changed the requirements for extracting meaning from business data. In the world of relational databases, administrators easily generated reports on data contents for business use, but these provided little or no broad business intelligence. For that, they employed data warehouses, but data warehouses generally cannot handle the scale of big data cost-effectively. 

While data warehouses are certainly a relevant form of data analytics, the term data analytics is slowly acquiring a specific subtext related to the challenge of analyzing data of massive volume, variety, and velocity

At Intellisoft, we help organizations to develop the know-how to aggregate, analyze, and most importantly monetize the growing surge of available data. Our customers in this context include banking, healthcare, retail, and government entities. 

We have assembled Business Intelligence and Data Analytics combining deep expertise in IT, business processes, advanced analytic techniques and real-world applications. Our experiences include working with unique, real-world data sets describing behaviors of people using mobile devices, social and digital media environments, smart transportation and health care services.