Census Bureau - Data Access

The Census Bureau, which supports the economic and political foundations of the United States, provides a critical service to the nation.

The Data Access and Dissemination System (DADS) Program is the primary provider of dissemination services via the Internet for the Census Bureau and a significant provider of tabulation services. The DADS Program is responsible for the dissemination of official demographic and economic information for the Census Bureau via the Internet. In fulfilling its mission, the DADS Program provides both tabulation and dissemination services to the Census Bureau. Tabulation services refer to the activities related to aggregating data collected on individual responses to a survey or census into summarized statistical data suitable for public release. Dissemination services refer to the activities related to the internal staging and release of approved statistics to the Internet. These services include the provision of interim results or output for other areas of the Census Bureau to process and release in different media and formats, such as CD-ROM and DVD, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for printed publications. The DADS Program currently provides tabulation and dissemination services for the Decennial Census; DADS provides only dissemination services for the Economic Censuses and Surveys, annual Economic Surveys, the annual release of the American Community Survey (ACS), the annual release of the Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS), the annual release of the Population Estimates, and the annual release of the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates.

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